Class Teacher: Miss Vinter

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs. Booth

Welcome to the Reception Class!

Your child will take part in a shared read in a small group each week and will also read individually once a week. Each child will be allocated a day that their book will be changed each week.Parental support makes a huge difference to your child’s education therefore sharing your child’s reading book with them for five minutes each evening will have a huge impact. Please sign or leave a comment in your child's reading diary. To support your child’s segmenting and blending skills further there is a great free phonics resource at which has a range of tricky word games and segmenting and blending games.

Topics in Reception

Autumn 1 -All about me/Ourselves

Autumn 2 - Celebrations 

Spring 1- Traditional Tales- Chinese new year/ Shrove Tuesday/ Ash Wednesday

Spring 2- People who help us

Summer 1- Living Things

Summer 2- Journeys


End of year Expectations for the Reception class

Look at books and listen to stories
• Use phonic knowledge to decode regular words
• Be secure at Phase 4 phonics
• Read Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 tricky words
• Identify rhymes and alliteration
• Join in with rhyming patterns
• Read and understand simple sentences
• Demonstrate understanding when talking with others
about what they have read
• Make basic predictions
• Identify the start and end of a sentence
• Know the alphabet and link letter names to the sound
they make
• Know the difference between a capital and lower case
• Learn some simple rhymes and poems by heart


Speaking and Listening
• Use complete sentences to explain or describe things
• Listen carefully to what is being said and repeat this if
• Know not to interrupt when someone else is saying
• Stand up in front of others and re-tell something that
has happened to them.


• Use phonic knowledge to write simple
sentences which can be read by themselves
and others
• Write name (correct capital and lower case)
• Use capital letters and full stops to
demarcate sentences
• Write clearly demarcated sentences
• Use a correct pencil grip
• Correct formation of all letters


• Count reliably to 20
• Count a number of objects by pointing to/moving
each one as they count
• Recognise numbers to 20
• Order numbers 1 – 20
• Say 1 more and1 less than numbers to 20
• Add and subtract two single digit numbers
• Form all digits 0-9 correctly
• Know the names of the days of the week in order
• Begin to recognise and name common 2D shapes,
e.g. square, rectangle, circle and triangle
• Begin to recognise and name some 3D shapes, e.g.
cube, sphere, cylinder, cone