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Happy New Year!

The children have settled back quickly into school and are ready and eager for new learning.

This week we have been pleased to welcome Mrs Henderson as our new Head Teacher. She has already met some of the Reception class children who were proud of their independent learning. If your child comes home from school wearing a sticker, then please ask them what it was for.

 Mrs Henderson is including our children in the school assemblies. They listened attentitively and responded well to that new experience . We were very proud of them.

 A special shout out to Tom Snape. How brave he was when asked to stand up and say a prayer for us.

"Dear God, I do love my Mummy!"  Well done Tom!

Today we wish Mrs Booth all the best as she begins her maternity leave and we look forward to meeting baby Jasper in the new year.
Today we wish Mrs Booth all the best as she begins her maternity leave and we look forward to meeting baby Jasper in the new year.

Week Ending December 16th.

Christingles and parties.......

Here is the next word list linked to the Oxford reading Tree stage 2.

Week ending November 11th.

This week in literacy we have been working on letter writing. We started with talking partners  in a carpet session about things we would like our new headteacher to know. Then we decided to write our ideas and questions in letters .We also read some more Oxford reading tree texts and did individual reading activities. 

Some children are now ready to begin phase 2 phonics. Other children are almost ready to begin phase 3. All of the children are also learning the tricky words the ,  to,  no,  go.

Mathematics this week has been all about numbers. We counted to 100 and worked on number lines and squares to find the next number. We did some more work on estimating and subutizing. We also counted backwards from 20 and played games that involved addition and subtraction.

We had the opportunity to celebrate Bonfire night by making glittery pictures and commemorated Poppy day by keeping the 2 minutes silence with the rest of our school. There was a power point lesson where we discussed remembering and the children were very respectful. 

We also talked about remembering and on Friday at 11am we joined the rest of our school to keep the 2 minute silence. How proud we were of our youngest children who sat quietly and still as we remembered.

On a lighter note: we learned some silly songs with Mr Murray. You can see how much fun music is, when you see  the photographs below.

Week ending November 4th.

This week in literacy we have continued our work using texts about Biff. Chip and Kipper. Many of the children can now re tell some of the stories in their own words. They are also learning how to predict (guess what may come next or suggest how a story might end) and to answer questions using picture clues. 

I hope that you will enjoy sharing these stories in your homes. The class love reading them to each other and to us in school.

In numeracy this week we have been learning about measures. We started by comparing height. The language we used was small taller tallest.  Then we compared size with different toys, sorting cars by length, paint brushes by thickness and handle size, dinosaurs by length and dolls by length and weight.

We used a bead counter to display the correct number of beads within 20 and then to 100. We also played games by using a 100 number square.

In science it was the ideal week to look for signs of Autumn. We collected,sorted and drew round leaves to record our findings and then they were used in our play to make bug houses and camp fires.

We have Miss Martland until Christmas to continue our Gymnastics work. The children have been working on body shapes for balances. They understand the terms "straddle", "straight", "pike", "tuck" , "star", "butterfly". They have been learning how to make balances of 1 to 5 points.

In music the children worked with Mr Murphy. He encouraged them to join in with a variety of songs to promote steady beat and rhythm patterns.


Week ending October 14th.

In Literacy this week we have been looking at Non-fiction texts and learning how o use them to find out more. Children saw how to use a contents page and how illustrations , symbols and diagrams also give us more information.

Also this week there was an opportunity to learn about some of the characters in the Oxford Reading Tree scheme stories. They heard about Biff, Chip and Kipper. They are already beginning to recognise the first words that they need to read these books.

These are the words that your child needs to learn first.

Mum                                         a

Dad                                           the

Biff                                            and






In Mathematics we have been working on Time. The children began by looking at the days of the week. They talked about special things that happen on different days. They used the language today , yesterday, tomorrow, weekend.

They also worked on positional language and we had lots of fun playing Hide and Seek with Big Ted. They used the words inside, on , behind, between, next to, left and right.


Week Ending October 7th.

Harvest celebrations. 

Thank you to all of the people who gave up time to come into school this week and support our harvest worship. Your generous gifts will be donated to the drop in centre at st Aidans and Dr. Kershaws Hospice.

Week ending September 30th

Going for Gold!

We were very proud and excited to be allowed to change into our PE kit for the very first time. It was a struggle for many of the children but they kept on trying. Here are the photos to show you.

Freddy Fit came to school this week and the sports captains helped us to do circuit training!

Our literacy this week has focused on rhymes .We read a range of rhyming texts and worked out how to predict what comes next.

In phonics we are working on the next new sounds that will help us with reading and writing. We now know how to read the graphemes S, a. t. i, p, n. We say the sound and then learn how to write it and put it into a word.

You can help your child with this by reading together words based on these sounds , for example 

   at      sat      pat

   it        sit      pit

   tan     pan    tap

   pin     tin      sin  

In numeracy this week we have been working on patterns. We have found out that patterns repeat. We tried to continue patterns. We painted wristbands and snake patterns.

Finally, here is Noah. He came to school on Friday with Dudley bear. We were very proud that he had been chosen a s footballer of the week. We had assembly on Friday with the Nursery children and all congratulated him together.

Week ending September 23rd

In literacy this week we shared a story about a hippopotamus on the roof eating cake. 

This story gave the children lots of opportunities to make predictions and decide what might happen next. They are already developing good listening habits . There was also discussion about healthy eating. There was a unanimous response that the hippo was very foolish eating so much cake. The children said that he was bound to get achy teeth which would go black and fall out. His tummy would get sore and he might be sick. He should eat vegetables and fruit , cheese and watermelon, fish and peas.

In Numeracy we continue to work on counting forwards and backwards along a number line. We also began to learn how to estimate (making sensible guesses about how many we could see). We sorted by shape size and colour.

In PE we learned some more stop start games. Miss Martland was very impressed with how well we follow instructions. 

In music we are learning more harvest songs to sing at our Harvest service.

We began phonics learning this week. There was a mixture of listening and moving exercises. The children has to join in with rhyming games and were introduced to Sammy snake who "sound talks" to them.

Our Foundation Stage Assembly takes place on Friday mornings. We celebrate special events and achievements, birthdays and "Star of the Week". If your child has any badges, trophies or certificates please send them on Friday morning  and we would love to see them and hear about what you can do at home .

Congratulations to Charlotte, Brayden and Laila for their football success. They brought in these trophies and certificates this week

Week ending September 16th

This week has all been about settling in, learning the class expectations and routines, learning through play and having fun! The children have also been doing some baseline assessments so that we can see what they already know and plan next steps in learning.

In listening times we have been sharing a range of animal stories and joining in with some of the text. The children were able to answer simple questions about the pictures. They were describing and labelling as they read.

For handwriting we have begun and exciting new scheme called  "Penpals". This runs through each year group and teaches writing skills systematically.

In Mathematics we have been counting to 20 and beyond. We have been working with number tracks and recognising numerals. 

Our PE lessons have been about moving through spaces safely and in different ways. We had to take off cardigans and jumpers for this. Next week we will begin asking children to put on pumps and then to change into PE kit. This is always made easier when children are working on independence skills at home. Thank you for taking the time to label all uniform. 

In RE and Music we are learning some harvest songs. There will be a foundation stage assembly in October to thank God for the harvest.

Our creative learning has involved painting ourselves. These pictures will form a display in the classroom. Watch out for them in and see if you can "Guess who" each painting is.


Week Ending September 9th.

Happy New Year.

Let me introduce our new children in Reception . They have already enjoyed their first days in school and spent the time experiencing some of the joys of learning together. 

The photos here show just some of the things that we have been doing.